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Monday, 25 June 2012 08:00

Cook With Us

‘Technique is something you must master to be able to cook. It often comes down to the little tips that, if you have
them in the back of your mind, make cooking a lot easier, more enjoyable and shine through in the results.’ George

In their second cookbook together Gary & George show us how to master some of the great cooking challenges,
believing that the first step to perfecting your dishes is knowing the simple tricks of the trade.

When out on the road Gary & George are often asked for tips on a lot of basic techniques, things like ‘my hollaindaise
always curdles, what am I doing wrong’, ‘my stock is cloudy, can I rescue it’, or ‘my pastry ends up so tough, help’.
Discussing this between takes on the MasterChef set one day they decided to put together a cookbook that would show
people some easy, handy tips on some basic techniques and then match recipes to that technique.

Cook With Us will teach you how to master their top 20 cooking techniques, including everything from how to confit and
make bread, the many different types of pastry and how to do them successfully each time, how to cook a steak to order
and the best way to store and cook eggs.

The boys teach you the difference between white and brown stock, the tricks to using a mortar and pestle, when to use
fast or slow cooking or how to master a pressure cooker. With step by step instructions and photos for each stage, Cook
With Us will show you how to joint a chicken, fillet a fish and make a perfect caramel.

With 80 recipes to match such as Zabaglione with Raspberry Puree, Prawn Laksa, Greek-Style Scrambled Eggs, Twice-
Cooked Lamb Ribs, Crab Cakes with Chilled Watermelon, Crumpets or Raspberry Marshmallows, Cook With Us is the
next best thing to having Gary & George in your kitchen.

Gary Mehigan is an award-winning Melbourne-based restaurateur with two decades of experience as a chef. He started
his career in London, then moved to Melbourne in 1991, where he worked in a number of prominent restaurants such as
Browns, Burnham Beeches Country House and Hotel Sofitel. He opened Fenix in 2000, followed by The Maribyrnong
Boathouse in 2005. Gary is the author of the cookbook Comfort Food.

George Calombaris was voted one fo the ‘Top 40 chefs of Influence in the World’ in 2004 by The Global Food and Wine
Magazine, and he continues to live up to this acclaim. He owns seven restaurants in melbourne, The Press Club, Little
Press and Cellar, Maha, Hellenic Republic, P M 24, St Katherine’s and Mama Baba, as well as consulting for The
Belvedere Club restaurant in Mykonos, Greece. George is the author of Greek Cookery from the Hellenic Heart, The
Press Club: Modern Greek Cookery and Georgie Porgie.

Gary & George co-authored Your Place or Mine?, and are household names across Australia from their roles as judges
on MasterChef Australia and Junior MasterChef Australia. Australia)

Buy Online at Penguin Books

Published in Books
Saturday, 16 June 2012 12:00

Comfort Food

Comfort food stirs the emotions. It reminds you of people, places, a special moment, whether poignant or romantic.' Gary

Gary Mehigan, award-winning restaurateur and Masterchef Australia judge, writes from the heart as he provides us with recipes for much-loved comfort food that soothe the soul and nourish those you love. These are the dishes he cooks at home and loves to eat – over ninety classic recipes with modern twists. Every recipe is accompanied by practical kitchen tips that will ensure you create delicious, satisfying results each time.

Buy Online at Penguin Books

Published in Books

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